Hello there! My name is Jelisa.

I’ve loved being in the kitchen since I was old enough to use a knife. (And before that I still loved it. But I stuck to baking cookies with wooden spoons). I struggled with anxiety since I can remember and I never really knew what it was or that it could be helped. I thought it was just part of my personality and didn’t know how completely wrong I was. I took medication for depression and it didn’t really make a difference because I was trying to cure the wrong thing the wrong way. It took me years to discover what was actually happening to me and then how to overcome it. Once I discovered I was experiencing anxiety and the different types I had, I was still in the dark with what I should about it. I would spend my bad days feeling bad, staying home and being lazy all day (I thought that was the answer to how I was feeling. I thought giving myself a break from the world would make me feel better). But in fact, it was always quite the opposite that I needed. I discovered this while talking to my therapist. I came to the realization that my good days were the days I did something productive or active. I put this to practice and I started making sure if I felt crappy I would make sure to do something with myself and make that day “worth it” instead of just a waste. I would start doing workouts in my bedroom now and then, go for walks or make something creative! As long as I did one or more of those things, I felt happier and healthier, and I loved it. All this energy pulled me into my new healthy lifestyle, and I loved creating styled, delicious food and sharing it with my friends on social media. I was complimented daily on my snapchat story of all the food I was making and I was convinced by multiple friends I should start a food blog, and that’s how it’s crunch thyme was born!

The name I came up with is a play on words in multiple ways – “crunch time” because I post quick and easy recipes! I also affiliate that saying with working out and being active and that’s also a theme I’m going for (pre/post-workout meals and healthy meals to stay fit). And of course ‘thyme’ in the place of ‘time’, as it’s a delicious, healthy herb to indicate I post healthy recipes, and not to mention it’s probably one of the most used herbs in my cabinet!

I’m 24 years old and live with my mom, step dad and boyfriend of 4 years (Brett) in a beautiful house at the end of a street. My house is across from a beach and I have a gorgeous view of the sunset every night over the water out of my big living area window. We own a little shih tzu named Bruno that we like to take on walks and give treats.

After I graduated high school in 2011, I took a 2-year photography course in college. I work at a grocery store that’s a 5-minute drive from my house (or a 30-minute walk, if it’s nice out!). I’m a cashier, supervisor and I work in the cash office doing paperwork and getting bank deposits ready and things like that. Working there definitely doesn’t help my grocery shopping obsession (knowing all the sales every day and seeing all the great ingredients other customers are buying), but it does get my creative gears grinding!

I’m still kind of starting out as a brand new blogger but I can’t wait to see where this takes me! It’s a new chapter in my life, and it’s exciting! My promise to you is to stay positive, creative and true! All my recipes will be entirely original/from my brain (perhaps inspired by someone else, but NEVER copied or stolen!). And I promise to keep you guys posted (by posting every thursday!). I hope you enjoy my recipes and the food I create as much as I have making it!

If you have any questions or concerns I’d love to hear from you! You can see all my contact informationĀ here. I’d also LOVE to hear if you try any of my recipes! Let me know in the comments, or post a photo on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #itscrunchthyme so I can easily search them and see all your beautiful creations!

Thanks for reading!

xx Jelisa


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