Fried Egg & Cucumber Feta Salad Wraps

This week we’re having the best weather and I’m so excited about it! I’ve been down to the beach across from my house 3 times recently. I’m starting to realize how incredibly lucky I am to live across the street from it. I just walk […]

Israeli Couscous Breakfast Salad with Spinach Cucumber Dressing

I’m incredibly lucky because I live across from the beach. I can see the water out my dining room window and back door. Yesterday Brett, our friend Emma and I all walked over for a swim! It was gorgeous out and it was just windy […]

Cranberry-Lime Pistachio Energy Bites

How have I not posted an energy ball recipe before? I’m surprised with myself. I love whipping these up because anything grab-and-go is my favorite thing. As much as I love spending tons of time in the kitchen and making elaborate, delicious and beautiful plates […]

Creamy Coconut Lemon Sherbet with Oatmeal Date Cups

This recipe is a fun one, because you can also eat the thing it’s served in! These date cups are SO yummy, you could totally eat any kind of ice cream, sorbet or sherbet in them! They kind of double as an energy bar (but […]

Tomato, Feta, Quinoa & Egg Skillet

It’s my birthday in less than 2 weeks! It’s starting to get really nice out lately so I’ll probably do something outside! I always make lots of yummy food too, even if it’s just for me, haha! I’m not a fan of cake so I […]

Dragonfruit Salad Bowls with Coconut Cream & Honey

I am so excited about these salad bowls! They are SO simple and quick, and SO delicious! Not to mention how pretty these are! Just imagine enjoying them outside on the patio, or on a picnic! I enjoyed one of mine on my back step […]

Vermicelli, Mushroom and Bean Sprout Soy Omelette

I’ve been on a serious asian-inspired recipe kick. I’ve made so many variations of ramen and noodle bowls the past few weeks. I guess I woke up the other day and decided I needed to incorporate that craving into breakfast. But it was seriously so […]

Strawberry Chia Pudding and Vanilla Yogurt Parfait

I’ve been all about flowers lately. Floral flavors, floral prints, floral fruits! I can’t get enough. It might have something to do with all these spring flowers around me, and Easter being this weekend! I was going to top this parfait with some strawberry slices, […]

Coffee Chia Pudding With Bananas, Oats & Walnuts

I actually didn’t like chia pudding before I ate this. And every time I don’t like something, I have this urge to find a way to like it (particularly if it’s a healthy food item and has lots of health benefits!). One way I do […]

Healthy Blueberry Muffin Parfait Smoothie Jar

When I ate this parfait smoothie jar, I was literally picked up and transported to a fluffy cloud in the sky eating blueberry pie. It was so delicious. I couldn’t believe I was eating something perfectly healthy. I’m totally serious – this is definitely my […]

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