Dark Chocolate Banana Carrot Muffins (Sugarless & Flourless!)

Guess what? I’ve now been posting on this blog for a whole year! I started it last year in January. January is always a good, motivating month for me. And here we are, 25th of January. The month is almost over! Have you picked up […]

No Bake Dark Chocolate Cherry Energy Bars

So in my Sugarless Blueberry Pumpkin Seed Chia Jam post last week I talked about my new workout schedule and healthy lifestyle. So far it’s going great! Like I said, we started running. Just a few minutes to start and we’ll work our way up. My mom […]

Avocado Cocoa “Fudgsicle” Pops

This actually wasn’t the recipe I was planning on sharing with you today. But I got so excited when I tried them that I just had to post it asap! I don’t even like fudgsicles, but these were delicious! It’s another beautiful day out, and […]

Dark Chocolate Treats

I didn’t post last thursday! My first time missing a posting day. It was bound to happen eventually. Life happens. But I’m back, and I have something super yummy for you all. It’s chocolate. Everyone needs chocolate in their life. I’m no different. The other […]

Coffee Chia Pudding With Bananas, Oats & Walnuts

I actually didn’t like chia pudding before I ate this. And every time I don’t like something, I have this urge to find a way to like it (particularly if it’s a healthy food item and has lots of health benefits!). One way I do […]

Lavender Coconut Cream Balls

One of my friends, Lisa Maclean, recently got her blog up and running! It’s been a long time coming, with many, many complications. I’m very excited for her that she got down to business and did what she had to do to get it up extremely quickly […]

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

I have a funny story, but you should skip reading this if you’re one to lose your appetite by talking about gross things. When I was first brainstorming this recipe, it started out as a pineapple and dark chocolate smoothie bowl. I even made the […]

Healthy Banana Walnut Dark Chocolate Granola Bars

I think my favorite recipes are one’s where you make a bunch of something and store them in the fridge for easy snacking or grabbing-and-going for work lunches and such. This may be the same for you, but quite possibly because you don’t enjoy cooking. […]

Dark Chocolate Java Blackberry Overnight Oats

If you read my Cranberry Vanilla Swirl Nice Cream post, you would have read about the idea my mom and I came up with – to find a random secluded area to go camping in september – a place with a brook where we can catch fish […]

Dark Chocolate Cocoa Cottage Cheese

I thought up this recipe when I was craving a sweet, chocolatey pick-me-up before heading out for a winter walk with my mother! We were heading out at 3:00pm and it was 2:30 when I realized I wanted to whip something up to eat really […]

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